Senator Boxer Vs. Pro-Conservative News Media Bias

For years we have been subject to the whoopla from the right that the news media is biased toward the left. You can always go on a fishing expedition for data to back up your facts. But let’s look at the recent statement by Senator Barbara Boxer as a case in point. Oh the poor victimized Republicans are all wallowing before the cameras how Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was allegedly wronged by the senator. Yet the clip you hear on the news usually only gives an incomplete quote from Senator Boxer.

The flap concerns the alleged charge by the Senator that Rice has nothing to loose from the Iraqi War and the current “surge” because she does not have any children. Well when I heard the clip, I also in the interest of fair play, thought the Senator went too far.

Latter however I heard the full statement by Senator Boxer. She prefixed it with words to the effect that SHE ALSO had nothing to loose as her children are too old to serve and her grandchildren are too young to serve. This is yet another example of PRO-CONSERVATIVE NEWS MEDIA BIAS. No doubt these Republicans are so behind a “single” working woman like Secretary Rice, who they would prefer to see working as a “secretary” in an office rather than to have the “Office of Secretary of State”! I am sure we are all so movingly touched by the Republicans in their support for the single working woman and men of America!

By the way with all the hoopla about what will happen if we leave Iraq might I suggest a solution! This conflict between Sunnis and Shiites has been going on in the region of Iraq before it became a nation.

My suggestion to the Republicans is why not “DAFUR THE NEWS COVERAGE OF ANY IRAQI SLAUGHTER AFTER WE LEAVE”! Resultant blood bath? Hell it’s been going on in Darfur and no one give a damn! That includes Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Democrats and Republicans! Also those who say “NEVER FORGET” but look the other way to the genicide in Darfur! Finally our President who wants to fight a crusade against Islamic Fascism yet allows the genicide to continue! Oh we must not upset the oil sheiks Presdient Bush. Time to look at the real issues in News Media Bias!

The time has come for America’s Silent Majority – our great Middle Class (and those who aspire to be) to stand up and take our country back from these effete snobs of corporate America and the Politically Correct.

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