China Tests Anti – Satellite Missile – The Product Of CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS

I would consider myself a liberal democrat but this blog will be NON-PC. While Bush and his fellow travelers continue to waste American lives and our economic resources China has successfully shot down one of its own satellites. We Americans had better take this very seriously.

We are financing the rise of the Chinese military industrial complex by the behavior of our very own “CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS” who have as much loyalty to our nation as a prostitute after a cheap $15.00 trick! While liberals whine and wail how America is the cause of the entire world’s problems and never cease to apologize and make excuses for the enemies of freedom, the Republicans see it differently! They instead see the enemies of America as an “investment opportunity”!

With the ever increasing flow of investment and jobs from our nation into China by these CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS and their fellow travelers in the Republican Party, our national security grows weaker!

What is the modus operandi of how we are aiding the Chinese Military Industrial Complex?

  • By accelerating the growth of the Chinese economy we free more Chinese funds for investment in her military industrial complex.
  • The Free Trade Iscariots in our government also turn the other way to the massive scientific, military and industrial espionage that the Chinese have been conducting.

Our military is highly dependant on satellite technology as the Iraq war demonstrated. Unlike the Russians and Chinese we do not want to send massive amounts of our troops to die. In order to prevent this we must preserve, protect and defend our technological advantage! “Shock and awe” is a valuable American asset as it preserves our troop’s lives! When China starts to threaten us guess who will divest themselves of their “Global Corporation Identity” and rediscover their roots? After helping to create the monster overseas these same CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS will now re-invent themselves as Americans to invest in profit making in the American industrial complex. America’s Middle Class will also be presented an “investment opportunity”. We will have the ability to invest our sons and daughters in wars that could have been avoided.

Let’s not forget on the other side of the political spectrum the PC liberal crowd! These same hypocrites will whine and wail that to defend our nation is a “Star Wars” illusion yet turn their heads away from China’s two recent tests. First she flashed her lasers on our satellites showing she could blind them. Next China actually shot down one of her own orbiting satellites! Amazing isn’t it that these very same PC Liberals could talk about alternative forms of energy where huge “Solar Sail Collecters” could be made to orbit our planet. Then beam a concentrated energy beam back to earth that would power our electrical grid. No doubt the beam would not be diverted by just a fraction of a degree which could sizzle a city! Yet if we were to shot a smaller beam the opposite direction to stop an enemy nuclear missile then these 21st Century Masochists of the left would say that is a “Star Wars” illusion! – Hypocrites!

The time has come for America’s middle class (and those who aspire to be) to assert ourselves and take our country back from these Cut And Run Capitalists on the right and the politically correct 21st century masochists from the left!

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