Iraqi Surge Being Done At The Cost Of Losing The War On Terrror

Today on “Meet The Press” , program host Tim Russert, quoted an article in the Baltimore Sun that said we are taking critical troops from Afghanistan to use for Bush’s troop surge in Iraq. According to Mr. Russert’s report these troops are needed to stem an expected Al Qaeda – Taliban offensive from their hideouts in Pakistan. (See Meet The Press Website)

President Bush what the HELL is the matter with you! Al Qaeda and the Taliban are the real enemies here not a centuries old conflict between Sunni and Shiites which you lied our troops into. The issue is not if we can win in Iraq – we can if we want to sacrifice thousands more of our brave men AND woman, many from the National Guard. You know what the National Guard is now Mr. President? You did at least attend a few meetings in your youth when you were a member?

You talk about terrorists following us back from Iraq. Why hell yes under your administration this could happen. Since you did not:

  • Use enough troops in the first place in Iraq!
  • You didn’t secure Iraq’s borders after the occupation
  • Our nation’s borders are still not secured even though you and your fellow travelers had control of the Presidency, Senate and House of Representatives for six years.
  • But then again they might not come through the borders but via our ports. The very same ports that are still not secured and that you wanted to turn over to the United Arab Emirates!

This President lied to us about WMD. He lied when they said we were not going to get involved in “nation building”. He lied when he said we did this war and occupation with enough troops.

Bush has lied about the reasons for placing our troops in harms way. Clinton lied about getting a blow job yet he got impeached! This situation SUCKS and maybe it’s time that the Congress fully investigates the intelligence leading to this war and funding of it.

If ultimately the House of Representatives uses it’s power of the purse and Bush blows it by trying to continue the war then Bush should be IMPEACHED!

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