Bush’s State Of The Union Address – “Civilian Reserve Corps”

Ah we got a new defense program from our President! He wants to create a “Civilian Reserve Corps”. It would be similar to the various military reserves. Could this be a send the rich to war in style program? I assume, unlike Bush who served in the National Guard, the members of this new Civilian Reserve Corps would actually have records of being in attendance and folks who remembered them! No doubt they would draw CIVILIAN PAY besides not having to be subject to military discipline!

Mr. President why not just add these critical job skills to the list of “M.O.S.” in the military. You do remember what that term means now don’t you? Would Halliburton employees fill these slots? Just curious! The Armed Forces have M.O.S. (Military Occupational Specialty) slots for doctors, dentists, and lawyers. So what’s the problem?

Hey remember we are overflowing with volunteers who want to go to Iraq! Well maybe this isn’t a quota system for the rich! Just think you can have your technical job outsourced at home or filled by a guest worker from the H1b Visa program! Ah but you can get your old pay scale back by joining the “Civilian Reserve Corps”!

I found the rest of President Bush’s speech the same old “yada yada”. In his Presidential legacy he will be remembered for:

  • Giving tax breaks to the rich while hurting the middle class.
  • Putting our troops in harms way so he and his neo-con friends can engage in a Iraqi social engineering experiment after they told us we were not going to be involved in “nation building”.
  • Then engaging in a policy of “Cut and Run” from Afghanistan where the real war on terrorism is being waged, in order to surge the social engineering experiment in Bagdad!
  • Don’t forget the great job Bush has done securing our borders when the next terror strike occurs.
  • But then they might be coming via our unsecured ports that he wanted to out source to the U.A.E.
  • Managing the outsourcing of American jobs and technology not by “Trickle Down Economics” but by his “Surge Out Economics”. At least Reagan’s system gave us some eventual help.

It’s time for the Middle Class to wake up from this sleep we have engaged in. We have slept while our class interests have been subverted by Bush and his fellow travelers! He has cut taxes for those who are paid too much and who have undermined our salaries by out sourcing American jobs. Senator Webb gave an excellent rebuttal. I would like to see Senator Webb run for president! I hope the Democratic Party is going to stop the politically correct nonsense and work for the Silent Majority of America!

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