KEITH OLBERMANN – How Would He Fare In Iran?

While I usually enjoy watching Keith Olberman, Wednesday night was not one of those nights due to his “political correctness”. He did a cartoon video spoof on Jesus compared to Tom Cruise. Keith was having some fun with Tom Cruise’s prestige in Scientology, alleging that he was their messiah. Fine and good! But even though I am a latter day hippie and I enjoy seeing organized religion mocked (Christian or Scientology) I do not like to see the figure of Jesus mocked.

Click to see the video on the MSNBC website.

Please understand I don’t want Mr. Olbermann or his show punished. But I would like to pose some questions!

Imagine that instead of Jesus this was the prophet Moses (or better) Mohammed in Mr. Olbermann’s video carton?

By now MSNBC reporters all over the world would be dead from Muslim retaliation. You know the religion of peace! Meanwhile back home the usual chorus from the masochistic left would be offering their “mea kulpas” for how the evil decadent middle class America is the cause of all the world’s problems and how we lack “sensitivity” to the Third World viewpoint.

Readers of this blog are now directed to make a fist and hit their chest in repentance three times!

  • Mea Kulpa!
  • Mea Kulpa!
  • Mea Kulpa!

Being that we are all decadent Americans living this horrible middle class lifestyle comprising “x” percent of the earth’s population and yet using “x + y” percent of the resources, why we would deserve to have people killed if Mr. Olbermann did his satire video on Mohammed instead of Jesus! By the way I am not a Baptist or fundamentalist. I believe in environmental causes so long as it is to find solutions rather than masochism. I even have a religion website that attacks fundamentalism. I am a liberal Episcopalian who would like to see some consistency in regards to religion. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. Just leave my Christmas Tree alone in the malls. Besides it gives me connections to my Druid Celtic roots. Oh yes we are a “native people” also. But then so is everyone!

Well let me see the “PC Crowd” wants us to be multilingual/multicultural so why doesn’t MSNBC send Keith Olbermann to Iran where he could run the same Video comparing Tom Crusie and Jesus. But make it “culturally relative” and thus politically correct. So substitute Mohammed for Jesus!

Mr. Olbermann I really do enjoy your show. How about being a little “sensitive” to the needs of the various groups who watch your show?

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