Rand Paul Bleeding Heart For Corporations

Rand Paul is a whining little sissy hypocrite! He was afraid to go on “Meet The Press” because he said he did not want to get involved with liberal news media biases! Now note the blatant hypocrisy here! Aside from the fact that this is just a cover up to facing responsibility for his statements, I would like to present Rand Paul and his fellow travelers two questions:

  1. Isn’t NBC a “corporation” and thus a “person” with the right of free speech?
  2. Rand Paul would deny minorities protection from the bully power of corporations yet he and fellow traveler Sarah Palin whine that their rights are being violated by the news media which are corporate entities! Yet their alleged “injury” is nothing to being denied the right to shop, eat or find housing when denied by corporations!

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Republicans Use “Slick” Strategy

When will Barrack Obama learn that Americans want POTENCY not intellectualism! The Republicans are actually stealing Democratic issues and making them their own. They are even calling the current BP Oil spill “Obama’s Katrina”! This is absurd yet they may get away with it because President Obama “doesn’t want to point the finger of blame”! Screw this reconciliation nonsense!

When will Obama learn that Republicans are stealing the anger of the Middle Class that should be directed against them and instead turning it against Democrats. Just to name a few example  issues:

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Landing On Our Shore: The Wages Of Deregulation

How’s that Drill Baby Drill Thingy working out for you Sarah Palin? For years the Republicans have preached the Gospel of Deregulation now look at the results! Now comes news that the chemicals used to fight the oil slick can be toxic themselves! If we had more regulation we might not be in this situation!

The bleeding hearts of the right talk about “Freedom”. What about the small businessman who just got over hurricane Katrina and has invested in a new fishing boat! What about his “FREEDOM” to earn a meager living while our social betters, you know the “producers”, rake in the billions!

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Wall Street Should Learn About Productivity

The elitists of Wall Street have off shored American jobs while whining about their “entitlement” of productivity from America’s middle class! Their thesis is that we the members of the middle class should work for the same compensation as those in India and China. Naturally these effete snobs of privilege feel they are entitled to the production costs of Third World Nations but that they should reap the benefits of American retail prices for their goods and services! In the last election they called Barrack Obama an “elitist” yet they have turned our economy into a gambling casino and they feel they have an “Entitlement” to do so! The time has come to levy a gambling tax on their operation! We need to break up the big banks. See the video below.

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