Breaking Up Is Hard To – Why?

As a Social Democrat I am sick of Democrats acting like “Corpocrats”! We have been told that the banks will be forced to pay into an insurance fund! This is supposed to serve as an insurance  if they play the same casino game, then the tax payer will not have to bail them out? REALLY who is going to pay for this fund? They will pass the costs on to the middle class via increased mortgage costs and credit card interest! I  agree with the ad put out by which is embedded below.

But “Organized Money” has it’s tentacles all the way into the White House! Goldman Sachs made large contributions to President Obama! Just look at how “Organized Money” weakened the Health Care Reform Law! Organized Money also took away the “FREEDOM” of America’s senior citizens to get lower cost prescription drugs from Canada!

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To Big To Fail: Time To Break Up The Banks

I believe the Democratic Bill is still to weak! We need to break up the big banks. While I like the “Young Turks” (See video below) I question how the banks are going to raise the money for payments into the new  Insurance Fund! We know that the money is going to come from higher interest rates on mortgages and credit cards to pay for their casino insurance  fund. I prefer to break them up right now from the start! Let me ask my readers a very important question!

When are Democrats going to deal with the issue of “USURY”? Some credit card companies are setting their rates at 29.9%. That is economic slavery! Where are the Democrats? President Obama has received heavy campaign contributions from Wall Street and the Health Insurance Industry! Yes I still support Obama and I realize that in this day and era a candidate needs money. But the time has come to stand up for the Silent Majority of America’s Middle Class! BAN USURY plain and simple! Break up the big financial institutions. To big to fail means to big to exist in a free society!

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Iran: McCain Says Pull The Trigger

This post will examine a very serious issue facing our nation! As an American and a Liberal Social Democrat I believe both political parties have to do some serious talking to each other, preferably outside of camera view! Democrats and Republicans must do that in order to place the nation first when it comes to nuclear proliferation! As I mentioned three years ago in a post called, “Iran: An Inconvenient Truth – A Populist Prospective“, we may indeed have to use some type of military force. Yes and this is coming from a Liberal Social Democrat. Below is a short video of Iran’s first satellite launching into space! What would happen if she developed nuclear weapons!

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Time To End Outrageous CEO Compensation

I am fed up with hearing this krap about our social betters taking risks and hence “deserving” such ridiculous rates of compensation. No I am not against people saving and investing to latter become millionaires! I am talking about the parasites of our society who never earned their millions but inherited millions or who earn millions per year!

Excuse me where is the cure for cancer, heart disease, the energy crises or aids? Give society such a result and sure they are then “entitled” to millions in compensation!

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