Party Of No Vs Party Of Meow

To hell with Joe Lieberman, we need a single payer Universal Health Care system financed by the repeal of both the Bush and Reagan tax cuts to the super rich. My God you would think that these people actually earn their money the way they whine. While the Republican Party has turned into the “party of no” the Democratic Party has turned into the party of MEOW! Harry Reid now claims he is for the Public Option. But as Rachel Maddow demonstrates in the video clip below what Harry Reid supports is so watered down that it is practically worthless! (See video below)

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However it is far worse than that! We must remember some facts:

  1. America spends far more per capita on healthcare than the United Kingdom or Canada.
  2. Yet we are ranked 37th by the World Health Care Organization.
  3. All agree that if nothing is done the cost of health care will sky rocket in the next few years.

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Fox News Media Bias: Moveon.Org Fights Back

Now finally the Democrats are standing up to the right wing propaganda machine! I have always believed, even from the time of the Vietnam War, that if there is news media biases it was pro-conservative! If you were around then you would see the news media first present a “flag burning” then a Republican hawk would wrap himself in the flag and attack the flag burners. The subliminal message being “If you are against the war and OUR PRESIDENT then you are against America”! You rarely saw a non-flag burning anti-war demonstrator yet they were the majority.  Well in this era Fox News seems to believe they own America. Thank God they were not around during the Vietnam War. I am sick of their self righteous, birther, tea bag waving ways.

Thank God President Obama mustered some testosterone to go on the offensive.

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Just Say “NO” To Snowe And The Party Of No

The Democrats In Congress And Obama do not need Swine Flu shots. They need TESTOSTERONE shots! Sure they can learn from the Republicans on how to be the minority party of no! To bad the Democrats did not function as the “party of NO” while the Iraq War was waging and we had control of the House of Representatives for the last two years of Bush’s presidency! We could have ended the funding for the Iraq War and shifted our attention to Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Now the American people are war weary and who can blame them. It used to be we won World Wars in four years. Instead we just win Halliburton and Blackwater as parasites of our tax dollars! For God sake we have control of both Houses of Congress and the Presidency. We may not have control of both houses of Congress after the 2010 election. I don’t know who is weaker Harry Reid or President Obama! We need to go on the offensive.

As one protester’s sign read:

The Democratic Congressional Majority: Use it or loose it!

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Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell: Gays Doing What Bush Shirked

Isn’t it amazing that Gays are trying to stay in the military, especially in war time! George Bush, Jr did not want to serve in the military and even missed his required meeting quota! But you never hear the Tea Baggers, the Birthers or their fellow travelers in the Republican Party ever ask questions about our former Commander – in Chief’s service record in the Air National Guard!

I guess when the issue is George Bush’s complete service record in the Air National Guard the “Birthers”, Tea Baggers and even the news media have a slogan!

George Bush’s record of required service in the National Guard: Don’t Ask – Don’t tell!

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The Public Option And Corporate Power: One Dollar – One Vote

The Public Option does not stand a chance! Not because the American people don’t want it but because of the power of Corporate Lobbyists! Where are the “Tea Baggers” with their pompous slogans of “No Taxation Without Representation”? We Middle Class Americans are being taxed by these corporations to support their self interest against our own class interest (oh dear did I say something wrong here). Where do you think these Corporations get their money to fund their K-Street Operations? They get it from the average American against our will. Health Insurance Companies must either raise their premiums or lower their coverage to finance their K -Street lobbying against the Public Option. See video below.

I thought our nation was founded on the principle of “One Person – One Vote”! Instead we operate on the principle of “One Dollar – One Vote”!

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The Public Option Is A National Security Requisite

After the stab in the back by the heatlh insurance companies that criticized the weak Health Care Bill that is floating in the Senate you would think our President would show some testosterone! Failure to do so could decrease the “Deterrence Creditability” Obama has as military Comander in Chief. That’s right President Obama must push a strong “Public Option” in order to preserve our “National Security”. How can that be? Well if President Obama cannot be trusted to stand up to Republicans how can he present a “Image of Deterrence” to Iran or North Korea? This President has presented an image that is so weak due to his pursuit of masochistic peaceful “Bi-partisanship” while he controls both Houses of Congress by strong majorities! Thank God for Congressman Alan Grayson! See the video below!

But this goes even beyond wimpy Obama!

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Republicans Against America

The Republicans were so happy when our nation lost it’s bid for the 2016 Olympics. (See video below). They even rejoiced saying Barrack Obama had lost his charisma! But their glee was short lived when our President received the Nobel Prize for Peace! You would think they would stand behind our President especially in this time of war! No instead they stand behind the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who ship our jobs and technology to distant shores, often the enemies of America. They support Halliburton which has transferred it’s Corporate HQ to Dubai and whose subsidiary has caused the death of our soldiers by electrocution due to faulty base construction! But they rather target ACORN since that “sinister” organization is registering new voters that are not influenced by K-Street targeted ads.

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Where is the old mainstream news-media while our nation gets bashed by these America bashers of the right wing?

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Republicans Stealing Democratic Talking Points

Republicans are stealing Democratic and Liberal talking points and President Obama is hardly doing anything about it. Republicans are talking self righteously about Wall Street being bailed out and placing the blame on Democrats! Sure we liberals are the friends of Wall Street! Health Care is now the next target! Make no mistake about it, if we do not have a strong PUBLIC OPTION to keep costs down then the Obama Health Care Bill will make Middle Class Americans the slaves of the health insurance industry! Costs are going to go up. This is a fact! But the public ever in their ostrich mode are not aware of this. When the costs do go up then Democrats will take the blame just like we are being blamed for bailing out the banks! As if we liberals are the friends of the Corporate Collectivists! When is President Obama going to wake up?

(Check these guys above for other great videos at Angry Film Productions) The above is a spoof on Laizze Faire Capitalism. But then after reading Ayn Rand maybe it isn’t. Ever hear of of “Black Water”. They even guard our diplomats in Iraq. I thought that was the job of the Marines! I guess the conservatives don’t “Support Our Troops” but prefer to support their investments! Republicans get away with this. When will Democrats get tough about Universal Health Insurance?

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