Leave Michael Phelps Alone

Leave Michael Phelps Alone
So what Michael Phelps
stuck a bong pipe in his
mouth! It’s not like
he endorsed smoking
cigarettes that lead
America’s youth to
cancer. He should
apologize to
America’s youth for
endorsing foods that will
make you diabetic! Sure he
got his athletic body by
eating Kellogg’s
“Frosted Flakes” or “Rice
Crispies”! – Yeah right! Yet
I don’t blame him
for making those
endorsements after all the
hard work he did to reach
becoming a Gold Medal
Olympic Athlete. When
Michael Phelps cites his
“youthful age” as being the
cause of his smoking a
bong he should instead cite
his young age for letting
Corporate America

Tom Daschle’s Taxes: It’s A Patrician Kind Of Thing

Tom Daschle’s
Taxes: It’s A
Patrician Kind Of Thing Yes
I am a liberal soy eating
liberal. Yes I know many
are starting to wonder
what the hell is going on
now with President Obama
and the Democrats first
choosing someone for
Treasury Secretary who
had tax problems! Now we
have the Health And
Human Services Secretary
nominee, Tom Dasccle kind
of forgetting to pay a mere
$128,000.00 dollars not
because he was low in
funds but because he kind
of forgot about it! I took
the unpopular position to
keep Trojans in the
Stimulus package in a prior
post and then in my next
post I wondered
“where’s the beef”