Recovery Bill Or Pork Barrel – Where’s The Beef?

Recovery Bill Or Pork –
Where’s The Beef?
I am a rabid economic
liberal who voted for
Barrack Obama. I do not
believe this Stimulus
Package has enough
strength to stop the crisis
we are in. I believed the bill
would push money into
Infrastructure Repair,
Alternative Energy
Research, and an improved
Electric Grid. What I see
instead is a huge pork bill!
If you read my last post I
support, and still do the
small inclusion of funding
for Trojans. Preventing
teen pregnancy and the
increase of both Welfare
Mothers and gangs of
teenage boys without
fathers is worth the
investment. So I am not
swayed by conservatives

Trojans Before Golden Parachutes

Trojans Over Golden
Parachutes Well I for one
am for the inclusion of
Trojans in the Economic
Stimulus Package! I feel
that Trojans are getting a
bad wrap in regard to the
Stimulus Package?
That’s right and I
am not joking! Aside from
the fact that Trojan makers
are workers increasing
their factory workforce is
good for America did any
of these wild eyed
conservatives ever think
about what happens in an
economic down turn?
People go for cheap
entertainment – sex! What
we don’t need now
is more teenage pregnancy
ß— teen Video here. Hey
there is no perfect
economic plan. Let’s
say the Obama package

Cut And Run Capitalists Killing Our Troops

Cut And Run Capitalists
Killing Our Troops Once
again in this era of
licentious permissiveness
where the BLEEDING
HEARTS of the Republican
Party whine about how
Corporate Wealthy are so
overburdened by
regulations that they have
driven our economy to the
ground! Now apparently
they have used OUR
SOLDIERS to ground their
profits by installing faulty
electric equipment in our
military bases in Iraq! One
of Halliburton’s
subsidiary fellow travelers,
a company called “KBR” has
now been blamed for the
death of Staff Sgt. Ryan
Maseth. He died from
electrocution due to faulty
electrical workmanship
while taking a shower! He
is not the first. <----- Electricution video What we are seeing my friends

Guantanamo, Torture, Terrorism And The Jungian Shadow

Guantanamo, Torture,
Terrorism And The Jungian
Shadow Well finally it
seems that some in our
government are not going
to play word games!
Military Judge Susan
Crawford prevented the
prosecution of one terrorist
because he was tortured,
though not in his case with
water boarding. Also the
new incoming Attorney
General, Eric Holder has
stated before Congress
that “Water boarding is
torture indeed”! Hey does
anyone remember the self
righteous Republicans
ranting on Bill Clinton
because he used word
games to not take
responsibility for his having
sex with Monica Lewinsky?
True Bill Clinton was wrong.
But I have noticed
something about
Presidents who screw up.
They either screw around