CIA Stiffens Afghan Resistance To Taliban

CIA Stiffens Afghan
Resistance To Taliban Well
the Republicans are on
their way out and with the
rebirth of Camelot the CIA
has found a new way to
protect America without
the usage of torture. It
makes you God Damn
PROUD to be an American!
No water boarding was
used to convert Afghan
tribal leaders to support
our cause but good ole
“American Ingenuity”,
inspired back into our CIA
no doubt by the election of
Barrack Obama as our
President. These new
techniques by the CIA will
really “stiffen up”
Afghanistan resistance to
the Taliban! Hopefully the
program will be expanded
by the CIA in Afghanistan
under our new
leadership! Oh sure George

Anti-Liberal News Media Biases

Anti-Liberal News Media
Biases Oh yes we hear the
whining conservatives all
the time talking about news
media biases! But as you
will note on this blog I keep
track of instances when
the news media is anti-
liberal. Here is an excellent
example. NBC News on
Friday night aired a story
on Iceland’s
economy. Yes the folks up
there may have been over
spending but credit card
debt is what has kept the
upper class portfolios in the
black for years in the Bush
years. Without “aggravate
demand” our economy
would also collapse.
Anyway back to Iceland!
Unlike the other Nordic
Nations, Iceland was a
capitalist’s dream
with low tax rates

Purpose Driven Hate

Purpose Driven Hate What
goes with Barrack Obama?
Americans are looking to
launch our new era this
January 20th but do we
need the blessings of a
bigot to launch this brave
new era? I have heard
some commentators say
they believe Barrack
Obama is pitching his public
tent in the center so he
can govern from the left!
According to this scenario
Obama is going to push the
military to drop the
“Don’t ask
don’t tell” policy
toward gays in the military.
Fine but there can be no
bridges to bigots! Perhaps
the ending prayer can be
lead by the Imperial Wizard
from the Ku Klux Klan! Not
many years ago it

To Big To Fail Then To Big To Go Unregulated

To Big To Fail Then To Big
To Be Unregulated I find it
disgusting that these
“Toyota Republicans” from
the south want to see the
American automakers go
bankrupt. Where is their
“patriotism”? You know the
very thing they accuse
liberals lacking! What we
are seeing in America is the
corporate elite have a
loyalty to their class over
the interests of America!
American blue collar AND
white collar workers had
better push for ECONOMIC
TRADE! Instead we live in
an era of licentious
permissiveness where the
corporate class can over
ride the security not only
of blue collar workers but
white collar workers as
well. This is not an issue of

Keith Olbermann Should Lighten Up On Christmas

Keith Olbermann Should
Lighten Up On Christmas I
am a liberal and if you read
this blog you might even
label me as a “Social
Democrat” rather than a
Democrat. I really enjoy
watching Keith Olbermann
but I wish he would
demonstrate some of that
notorious “liberal
toleration” for Christianity!
Make no mistake about it
religion can some times go
on a “masochistic binge”.
But I will leave writing on
that to my other website
com which I have left
unattended for too long.
Keith Olbermann and many
PC Liberals seem to
automatically attribute
hatred and bigotry to
Christianity while turning
their backs on the death
camps of Stalin, Hitler and
Mao. Please

Oh Boy – Blagojevich

Oh Boy – Blagojevich Yes
from the state that gave
us Mayor Daly, now comes
“Governor Blagojevich”!
Damn I wish this was some
news from Byelorussia or
Ukraine! What I hope is
that President – Elect
Obama does not get
tarnished by this. President
– Elect Obama has said he
did not talk to Blagojevich
about his replacement. Yet
Blagojevich castigates
Obama, which is good for
Obama, yet it contradicts
Obama’s saying he
did not talk to Blagojevich!
I fear that in trying to
disassociate from
Blagojevich Obama may
have misstated his
contacts. It is PERFECTLY
permissible and indeed
proper for Obama to speak
to Blagojevich about his
replacement. After

Our Lady Of NAFTA Will Be Secretary Of State

Our Lady Of NAFTA Will Be
Secretary Of State I
don’t share the
enthusiasm of many that
President – Elect Barrack
Obama chose Hillary
Clinton to be his Secretary
of State. I say this
because she has betrayed
the working people of
America both white and
blue collar with both NAFTA
and the H1-b Visa program.
The latter is not well known
by most Americans. The
H1-b programs is
destroying those remaining
high tech jobs in America
that where not off shored.
See the video below! While
Bill Clinton was a major
force for NAFTA I could
forgive the Clintons for
NAFTA it is rather the
resultant philosophy of so –
called “Free Trade” that