Licentious Compensation To Corporate Executives

Licentious Compensation
To Corporate Failing
Corporate Executives
Remember when Nancy
Pelosi wanted to have use
of Air Force jets to fly
around the country and
she was denied! Yet these
effete snobs of corporate
America cite “security
reasons” that they have
private corporate jets to
fly them each in
separately! While I feel
Nancy Pelosi has not been
activist enough I believe
she has more of right to a
private jet for security
reasons then these effete
snobs of corporate
America! For that matter I
would accord the same
right even to a Republican
Speaker of the House.
Perhaps “our social
betters” don’t see
the elected officials of a
free society as deserving
the same benefits

Should We Bail Out The Auto Industry

Should We Bail Out The
Auto Industry Earlier today
CEO’s of the big
three came to the capital
each in their private jet to
say how they are going to
cost trim. Isn’t
amazing that companies
and even motivational
guru’s can praise
concepts like “Kaizen” or
“CANEI” where worker
groups are encouraged to
create “profitable
innovations” then be
compensated merely by
praise instead of money
while corporate heads can
be compensated with
millions and fly in private
jets to Congress to request
billions! Maybe we should
do the opposite! Maybe
that is why they are in the
situation they are now
because the real “ATLAS
SHRUGGED”! I believe the
auto companies need to

AIG Go To Hell

AIG Go To Hell Isn’t
amazing that we can bail
out AIG with the cost going
up to 110 to 150 billion yet
we cannot afford 75 – 100
billion per year for
Universal Health Care! AIG
cheated me out of a
pension. They would “re-
org” their employees out of
a job ever two years. This
would reset the pension
clock. When I worked there
they had an entire division
of “AIG TEMPS” who work
full time permanently but
they are thus relived of
paying them a pension and
vacation time. Yes there
are valid needs for temps
but those people really
work seasonally not as a
permanent subclass
without health care,
pension or

Camelot Rising – Camelot Rising

Camelot Rising Camelot
Rising Well it is one week
after the election and the
future of America is looking
up! I am happy as heck but
never believed this would
happen. The time has come
to roll back the evils of the
Bush era! Hell let’s
not only roll back the Bush
tax cuts but the Reagan
tax cuts also! I love the
bull that the bleeding
hearts of the Republican
Party whine out that we
Democrats want to engage
in a “Wealth Redistribution
Program. Excuse me that is
what has been going on
since Bush took office.

News Media Biases Tarnishes Election

News Media Biases
Tarnishes Election God can
you imagine the Republican
reaction if the news media
suppressed information
about Barrack Obama
being associated with an
African – American
Independence movement?
Yet where is the
Democratic Party outrage
as the news media
suppress the connection
between Sarah Palin and
the Alaskan Independence
Party. This rabid group of
secessionists wants to
pluck a star from the flag
of our nation! Yet the news
media marches like lame
little wimps afraid to say
anything after they asked
poor Sarah Palin a “trick”
question. “What is your
opinion of the Bush
Doctrine”! Many will try to
pooh pooh the connection
between Sarah Palin and
the Alaskan Independence
Party by stating