Labor Day – As Republicans Sing Corporate Internationale

Labor Day: Republicans
Sing Corporate
Internationale This Labor
Day while loyal American
workers forsake the
traditional world wide Labor
Day of May 1st the
Republicans and their
fellow travelers place their
their loyalty to the nation
that gave them succor,
incorporation, profit and
birth! In this era of
licentious permissiveness
when the word
“responsibility” to the
nation that gave
corporations birth and
profits is perceived as a
bad word, loyal American
workers celebrate Labor
Day. That is American
Labor Day! Meanwhile
Halliburton has moved
it’s corporate
headquarters to Dubai,
many other forsake their
responsibility by opening
mock headquarters on
remote Caribbean Islands
to avoid paying taxes to
the nation that

Joe Biden – An Excellent Pick

Joe Biden – An Excellent
Pick Barrack
Obama’s choice of
Senator Joe Biden is an
excellent step in standing
up to the Republican smear
machine! While Nancy
Pelosi and Harry Reid
continue to play the game
of appeasement to George
Bush and his fellow
travelers, it is refreshing to
watch Joe Biden go on the
offensive and correctly link
John McCain with George
Bush! I have heard from
both Republican friends
and relatives that Barrack
Obama and Joe Biden are
rich therefore they are
being hypocrites in making
fun of McCain’s
lapse of memory
concerning how many
houses he owns!
Let’s get something
straight. Democrats and
liberals have no problem
with people becoming

War On Terror Vs Iraqi War

War On Terror Vs Iraqi War
While John McCain and his
fellow traveler Joe
Lieberman continue to
advocate for their Iraqi
wild eyed Neo-Con Social
Engineering Experiment the
SURGE of money making by
Al Qaeda continues as
huge opium crops fill the
coffers of the enemies of
America in their Afghan –
Pakistani Border homeland!
But not to worry even if
President Musharraf has
resigned in Pakistan and
their rogue nuclear
scientists with Al Qaeda
sympathies want to team
up to make a nuclear
weapon against the
American Homeland! With
our rock solid border
security and port security
why should we worry? I
honestly have to wonder
just whose “Homeland” is
Senator Joe Lieberman
worrying about to defect

Middle Class vs. Corporate Collectivism

Middle Class vs. Corporate
Collectivism In this era of
licentious permissiveness
Corporations shed their
American identity to self
style themselves as “Multi-
national Corporations, the
bleeding hearts in the
Republican Party continue
to allow this TRICKLE OUT
ECONOMICS while the
Corporate Class sings their
new found Globalization
Internationale! While loyal
American employees of
these Collectivist giants
continue to disdain the
International workers labor
day of May 1st, the
Collectivist Masters have
no problem denying their
loyalty to the nation that
gave them succor,
protection, profits and
incorporation by placing
their corporate head
quarters on obscure
Caribbean Islands to avoid
their lawful “responsibility”
of paying taxes. However
in this era of Republican

Barrack Obama Right Again!

Barrack Obama Right
Again! Well it seems U.S.
officials want our troops to
pursue terrorists across
the border into their safe
haven in Pakistan! I find it
amazing that Fox News
gives provides this
information without
crediting Senator Obama
for saying this long ago!
Instead of this wild eyed
neo-con Republican
EXPERIMENT in Iraq that
was supposed to be self
funded by Iraqi Oil
revenue, our nation has
wasted time and lives while
Al Qaeda formulates new
attacks against our
homeland! This reminds me
of the story of the police
who came to the aid of a
motorist on a deserted
road late at night. The
motorist lost his key.

John McCain Waging Psychological Operations against Obama

John McCain Waging
Psychological Operations
against Obama I believe
Democrats have missed the
deadly aim of
McCain’s Britney
Spear ad! By “tagging”
Britney Spears, and Paris
Hilton to Barrack Obama
they are trying to label
Barrack Obama as a soft
wispy feminine “hair head”
who lacks “TESTICULAR
FORTITUDE” ! It is not just
the “celebrity” tag but the
underlying linking of
Senator Obama as
“impotent” when the
American public respects
Please don’t take
this as an insult to Britney
Spears! She is every red
blooded American
man’s dream
fantasy. (Just got back to
my computer as I had to
take a cold shower). But
the contest is not

Republican Smear Obama As Playing Race Card

Obama Playing Race Card?
Joe Lieberman, who is John
McCain’s side kick,
sided today with McCain
that the Britney Spears ad
was not a smear! What
gives me a laugh is how
Senator Lieberman down
plays this ad, saying “we
should take a step back
and have a laugh”! Yet
Senator Lieberman does
not laugh when Senator
Obama jokes about being
not being like the
Presidents on our dollar
Obama is only joking dude!
Get a gripe on yourself!

What is not a joke is how
Republicans try to smear
Barrack Obama. Calling him
elitist! Yeah right
McCain’s wife is so