Republicans Attack Science And The Constitution

Republicans Attack Science
And The Constitution Fox
News recently reported
that the Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA)
has told it’s
employees not to talk to
not only reporters but also
barred them from talking to
Investigators and even
their own departmental
investigators! I applaud
Fox news for actually
breaking it’s loyalty
to the Republicans and
reporting this! This blogger
loves to use “Republican
Speak”. You know that self
righteous cultural pollution
of our American Heritage
by those who put their
my GAWD look what I just
said! Well let me not simply
attack this arrogance of
the Bush Administration but
use the delightful” horse
shit lingo” that their ads

Democrats Letting Republicans Get Away With Iraq

Democrats Letting
Republicans Get Away With
Iraq I was one of those
who were for the Iraqi War
with the “Mission” that our
Congress in deliberation
set as the goal. We won
the war and our President,
who never finished his own
National Guard obligation,
then declared “Mission
Accomplished”! Now our
President who
doesn’t want to
follow the goals that
Congress committed our
troops to accomplish under
“a strict constructionalist”
interpretation of our
Constitution wants to
commit, along with his
fellow traveler John
McCain, to a “One Hundred
Year” War! These wild
eyed Republicans want to
commit our nation to a vast
Social Engineering
Experiment while the sales
of Afghan opium
production SURGE

Yet More Pro-Conservative News Media Biases!

Yet More Pro-Conservative
News Media Biases! It
seems that CBS that great
bastion of liberal news
media biases if you were to
believe the ever whining
Republican right, has
edited their coverage of
John McCain so as to not
reveal perhaps one of his
“senior moments”! Senator
McCain seems to have
misplaced the time line of
the “surge” and a political
deal with an Iraqi Sheik!
What is worst is that CBS
seems to have covered it
up. (See Video Below).
What I find even more
troubling is that Democrats
have repeatedly pointed
out that much of the
reduction in violence is due
to political wheeling and
dealing with the various
Sunni Sheiks and even

Pro-Conservative News Media Biases against Obama

Pro-Conservative News
Media Biases against
Obama I am sick and tired
of the whining effete snobs
of the Republican Party
who attack Barrack Obama
for being one of the few
who wants to win the War
on Terror! John McCain
and his fellow travelers in
the Republican Party
attacked Barrack Obama
calling him “inexperienced”
when Obama stated we
cannot allow Al Qaeda to
grow uncontested in their
mountain redoubts on the
border. Barrack Obama
stated that if Pakistan
would not act he would!
Now it seems the Bush
Administration is coming
around to Obama’s
inexperienced ideas! (See
the Video below) Yet the
news media allow McCain
to make stupid charges
against Barrack Obama
that he would

Republicans Do NOT Support Our Troops In Iraq

Republicans Do NOT
Support Our Troops In Iraq
We hear the whine from
these wild eyed advocates
of the Neo-con SOCIAL
EXPERIMENT in Iraq that
the Democrats are against
our troops! These bleeding
hearts of appeasement to
Corporate America that
continues to trade with
Iranwhile that nation sends
supplies to kill our brave
troops do not even have
faith in our troops! The US
State Department uses
Backwater to protect
embassy staff rather than
fully using our Marines and
Army. (See Video Below)
When Democrats point out
that this is a civil war and
that much of the recent
reduction in violence was
the result of low level
diplomatic talks with Sunni
Militias to have them switch

Has Obama Meet His Waterloo?

Has Obama Meet His
Waterloo? Barrack Obama
says our children should
learn to speak Spanish!
Well why not my
language which was
Italian? Why the racism
that puts Spanish over my
grand parent’s
native born culture of
Italian? My grandparents
insisted that no one should
learn Italian until the fourth
generation as our family
would then have been
totally assimilated! I am
sick and tired of the
RACISM that every
American is subjected to
when we use an ATM
machine. “Press 1 for
English and 2 for Spanish”!
Excuse me Senator Obama
this is America! My grand
parents had to learn
English, and they were
legal, why should

Iraqi’s Want Time Table For Withdrawal

Iraqi’s Want Time
Table Why does the news
media not have a field day
with the Iraqi Prime
Minister’s recent
announcement that his
government wants a time
table for American troop
departures! Gosh golly that
is what the Democrats
want also and Barrack
Obama has not yet even
visited Iraq so he could get
one of those staged photo
opportunities that the
Republicans create when
they go! The above video
from MSNBC’s Keith
Oberman Show really hits
the point! John McCain is a
flip flopper! He said we
should leave if the
government of Iraq says it
is time to go! Well they
want us to set a departure
date and schedule!

Kudos For “Maverick” General Wesley Clark

Kudos For “Maverick”
General Wesley Clark I am
sick and tied of the
Democrats being such God
Damn WURSTS! General
Wesley Clark spoke the
truth! General Clark stated
that “Being shot down is
not a prerequisite for being
President”! Senator Obama
seems to be apologizing to
John McCain for the
General’s remarks!
My advice to Senator
Obama is, stop being John
Kerry Wurst! If the
opposite of what General
Wesley Clark is true then
Senator Obama is not
qualified to be President as
he was not shot down in
combat nor even ever
served in the military!
General Clark did not
demean Senator
McCain’s military
record. (See the video