SDI Test Successful

SDI Test Successful Well
here is one point where I
part with my PC Liberal
friends. I believe that the
Strategic Defense Initiative
is a worthy program and
goal for our national
defense! To believe
otherwise is literally “MAD”!
During the cold war our
national defense
deterrence was based on
the doctrine of “Mutually
Assured Destruction”, or
“MAD” for short. Our
planet and the human
race’s future
depended on both sides
not loosing their cool and
worst “misinterpreting” the
other side’s
motivation or intention.
MAD worked if our enemies
did not have their factual
judgment clouded by
ideology. For example if
the USSR was an Islamic
Fundamentalist state and
they believed that

McCain And The Politics Of Terror

McCain And The Politics Of
Terror First it was the rising
use of those flag lapel pins
by the very same people
who want to demolish our
two hundred year old
Constitution! Anyone
remember the “Enabling
Acts” after the Reichstag
fire? John McCain and his
fellow travelers would do
well to learn the “lessons of
history” as Barry Goldwater
used to say! Now we learn
that just as they try to use
flag pin labels as was done
in the Vietnam War, they
relish terrorist attacks so
that they can pin them on
the Democrats! (See the
video below) Charles Black
who is a top McCain
consultant said that not
only was the Republican
cause aided

Republicans Veil Smear

Idiot Republicans: Obama
A Muslim – A Muslim Not
Once again the
Republicans are fearful of
the rising of a “Middle Class
Consciousness” that is now
permeating our society
where the Silent Majority
of Americans no longer
identify and internalize the
values of Corporate
America! Actually it is hard
to use the term “Corporate
America” as these cut and
run corporations are
frequently renouncing their
American identity in favor o
being identified as “Multi-
National Corporations”!
Now these effete snobs of
Corporate Collectivism
have the “audacity of
elitism” to criticize Barrack
Obama for the actions of
his campaign staff when
they removed some Muslim
woman from standing
behind the podium. Like
every campaign they
wanted to present a

Rush Limbaugh Passes On

Rush Limbaugh Passes On
This week we have lost a
second newscaster.
Conservative Republican
talk show host Rush
Limbaugh died tragically
today! Even this Liberal
Democratic blogger has
been so shaken that I am
converting to Republican!
Poor feisty Rush Limbaugh
who failed at “Operation
Chaos” < see the second video below> which was to
make the Democratic
Caucus into a remake of
the 1968 Democratic
Convention, none the less
presented on his show his
final contribution to
America! Surprisingly it was
his downfall! On Monday
June 16, 2008 Rush
Limbaugh told his audience
that Corporate America
had found a solution to the
energy crisis! Silicon Valley
Geeks successfully breed a
new species

Will The Democrats Be Wimps While The RNC Smears Obama?

Will The Democrats Be
Wimps Will The RNC
Smears Obama? The
Republican Party is once
again going to run a smear
campaign and “straight
talking” John McCain says
he doesn’t have
any control of the
Republican National
Committee. When will the
Democratic Party get the
guts to fight back and stop
believing that negative
campaigns don’t
work? They do work just
ask John Kerry! Now we
hear that the Republican
National Committee is going
to go negative and Barrack
Obama is setting up a
website to counter act the
smears! Wow I am
impressed – yeah right! The
Democrats have got to get
in the dirt and fight back
hard! But then