Mama Grizzly Bear Palin Likes Canadian Socialized Medicine

Alaskan Independence Party
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Sarah Palin is trying to steal the iconography of “potency” from Barrack Obama with her metaphor of the “Mama Grizzly”. That nice folksy icon of the Alaskan Independence Party that Sarah Palin loves so much. If Sarah Palin where a liberal then Glenn Beck would bring out the connection between the image of the “Mama Grizzly (see image on right) with the logo of the Alaskan Independence Party.  Remember his conspiracy talk about images on buildings a few months back!

But the real problem is that Barrack Obama would prefer to attack his own base than fight the Republicans. If he had some “potency” he would be lambasting Sarah Palin for double talk, since by her own admission she crossed the Canadian border to partake of their evil socialized medicine. Then again what can you expect from a wimp of a President who allows:

  • Month after month of death panel talk to go unanswered.
  • Corporate citizenship to be instituted by an activist far right Supreme Court with no demand for a constitutional amendment to restore a  strict constructionalist interpretation of the Constitution in wake of right wing activism.
  • A so – called “Health Care Bill” to be made into law without a strong public option.
  • His own native citizenship to be assailed without lashing back.
  • Sarah Palin’s connection to the Alaskan Independence Party to not be examined.

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News Media Biases Tarnishes Election

News Media Biases
Tarnishes Election God can
you imagine the Republican
reaction if the news media
suppressed information
about Barrack Obama
being associated with an
African – American
Independence movement?
Yet where is the
Democratic Party outrage
as the news media
suppress the connection
between Sarah Palin and
the Alaskan Independence
Party. This rabid group of
secessionists wants to
pluck a star from the flag
of our nation! Yet the news
media marches like lame
little wimps afraid to say
anything after they asked
poor Sarah Palin a “trick”
question. “What is your
opinion of the Bush
Doctrine”! Many will try to
pooh pooh the connection
between Sarah Palin and
the Alaskan Independence
Party by stating

Happy Halloween From Sarah Palin

Happy Halloween From
Sarah Palin Well the wicked
witch of the north is alive
and well! It seems Sarah
Palin received the “laying
on of hands” from a
preacher who back in his
home country of Kenya
drove some poor old
woman out of her home for
being a witch. This comes
from the respected
Christian Science Monitor!
Here in America we are
more sophisticated ways to
drive the elderly from their
homes! We do it with it
with predatory lending
institutions! Let’s be
clear here! The issue is not
Sarah Palin’s
Pentecostalism! The issue
on this Halloween is
terrorism of an alternative
religion – Wicca! If

More News Media Biases Against Democrats

News Media Biases Against
Democrats It drives me
crazy the way the news
media can be judged to be
pro-conservative yet the
Republicans get away with
their endless whining that
the news media is pro-
liberal! Bin Laden has
endorsed John McCain for
President! Yet you hardly
hear about this in the news
media! ß—— Why would
they endorse McCain
instead of Obama? Well
McCain would continue the
vast wild eyed Republican
Social Engineering
Experiment in Iraq that is
wasting our troops and
money rather than
attacking the Al Qaeda
homeland in the Pakistani –
Afghan border region! One
can also ask why the
Democrats are not
screaming foul play at the
news media! There are

Sarah Palin: The Weak Underbelly Of The GOP

Sarah Palin: The Weak
Underbelly Of The GOP As
I have mentioned in this
blog before I cannot
understand how Sarah
Palin’s association
with the Alaskan
Independence Party is not
being blasted all over the
news media! Damn if this
had been Obama the
whining Republicans would
be screaming about news
media biases! Now in the
final stages of the
campaign we hear John
McCain hiding behind Sarah
Palin while she does his
dirty work accusing Barrack
Obama of not loving
America enough to
associating with terrorists!
Bill Maher in the video
below, while a comedy,
does an excellent job
illustrating the issue of
Sarah Palin and the
Alaskan Independence
Party! <<ß------you tube I

Palin: Wimp Who Faces Northern Exposure

Palin: Wimp Who Faces
Northern Exposure Sarah
Palin who seems to have
no problem addressing this
year’s Convention
of The Alaskan
Independence Party, as
they even have the video
of her speech on their
website, cannot face a
single reporter who dares
to “question her”! The Vice
Presidential Debates where
the perfect chance to show
this so called pit bull for the
inexperienced feather
weight that she is! She was
McCain’s last hope!
Well that and their game of
let’s be patriotic
and not talk about the
financial mess as that
would hurt our economy! I
prefer Senator
Biden’s definition of
Patriotism. It is time for
those who benefit from

Eratic McCain: Cut And Run Against Terrorism

McCain: Cut And Run
Against Terrorism John
McCain seems not to be in
touch with his “foreign
policy expert” Sarah Palin!
She was startled to learn
her views toward the Al
Qaeda Homeland in the
Pakistani – Afghan border
region are more in sync
with Barrack Obama then
her erratic running mate
John McCain! In the video
below Barrack Obama
asserts that we will not
allow Al Qaeda to regroup
only to attack our
Homeland, while John
McCain is interested only in
the wild eyed Republican
Social Engineering
Experiment in Iraq at the
expense of the War on
Terror <<<<ß-------- uTwUAAmRuNM&hl=en&fs =1 As Senator Joe Biden has pointed out, we spend in three weeks on Iraq what we

VP Debate: Folkie Not Enough For Crises

VP Debate: Folkie Not
Enough For Crises I
watched the Vice
Presidential debate and
was very impressed by
Senator Joe Biden. I
wished the news media
would stop it’s
coddling of Gov. Sarah
Palin and asked her
questions concerning her
connections to the Alaskan
Independence Party!
Senator Joe Biden was
handicapped by the news
media from the start since
Sarah Palin just getting by
without stumbling was to
be considered a victory!
While Joe Biden was to
keep his gloves on! I
wonder why so called pit
bull Sarah Palin did not
want to go for the jugular
when confronted with
someone who could
confront her back directly!
Now we hear in the news

Debate Review: Talking Points For Obama

Talking Points For Obama I
just finished watching the
Presidential Debate
between John McCain and
Barrack Obama! As an
Obama supporter I wish he
would go more on the
offensive! John McCain
came on as a little nasty
pushy! He seemed to
revert to the old strategy
of “experience”. Obama
was being polite and we
need to see if that comes
across positively with the
public! I feel it will come
across as being a wimp!
<<<< --- Angry man video Let me repeat a maxim that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid simply have not learned and perhaps Barrack Obama has not learned! If you cannot forcefully defend your own political philosophy the American