Guantanamo, Torture, Terrorism And The Jungian Shadow

Guantanamo, Torture,
Terrorism And The Jungian
Shadow Well finally it
seems that some in our
government are not going
to play word games!
Military Judge Susan
Crawford prevented the
prosecution of one terrorist
because he was tortured,
though not in his case with
water boarding. Also the
new incoming Attorney
General, Eric Holder has
stated before Congress
that “Water boarding is
torture indeed”! Hey does
anyone remember the self
righteous Republicans
ranting on Bill Clinton
because he used word
games to not take
responsibility for his having
sex with Monica Lewinsky?
True Bill Clinton was wrong.
But I have noticed
something about
Presidents who screw up.
They either screw around

Keith Olbermann Should Lighten Up On Christmas

Keith Olbermann Should
Lighten Up On Christmas I
am a liberal and if you read
this blog you might even
label me as a “Social
Democrat” rather than a
Democrat. I really enjoy
watching Keith Olbermann
but I wish he would
demonstrate some of that
notorious “liberal
toleration” for Christianity!
Make no mistake about it
religion can some times go
on a “masochistic binge”.
But I will leave writing on
that to my other website
com which I have left
unattended for too long.
Keith Olbermann and many
PC Liberals seem to
automatically attribute
hatred and bigotry to
Christianity while turning
their backs on the death
camps of Stalin, Hitler and
Mao. Please

Ah The Karma Of Political Correctness

Ah The Karma Of Political
Correctness While I am a
Liberal Democrat and fully
support Barrack Obama, I
am somewhat amused that
John McCain has
“harnessed” the winds of
“Political Correctness” to
reduce Barrack
Obama’s lead in the
polls! For years we have
had to learn the lexicon of
Political Correctness, now
the Democrats are reaping
their Karma! We cannot
disagree with a woman else
we are sexist pigs! Barrack
Obama while Black is part
of a minority group that is
only 10% of the population
while woman make up over
50 percent! John McCain
with one stroke has made
the Democrats sink in their
own quicksand! The time
has come for Barrack

Republicans Do NOT Support Our Troops In Iraq

Republicans Do NOT
Support Our Troops In Iraq
We hear the whine from
these wild eyed advocates
of the Neo-con SOCIAL
EXPERIMENT in Iraq that
the Democrats are against
our troops! These bleeding
hearts of appeasement to
Corporate America that
continues to trade with
Iranwhile that nation sends
supplies to kill our brave
troops do not even have
faith in our troops! The US
State Department uses
Backwater to protect
embassy staff rather than
fully using our Marines and
Army. (See Video Below)
When Democrats point out
that this is a civil war and
that much of the recent
reduction in violence was
the result of low level
diplomatic talks with Sunni
Militias to have them switch

Has Obama Meet His Waterloo?

Has Obama Meet His
Waterloo? Barrack Obama
says our children should
learn to speak Spanish!
Well why not my
language which was
Italian? Why the racism
that puts Spanish over my
grand parent’s
native born culture of
Italian? My grandparents
insisted that no one should
learn Italian until the fourth
generation as our family
would then have been
totally assimilated! I am
sick and tired of the
RACISM that every
American is subjected to
when we use an ATM
machine. “Press 1 for
English and 2 for Spanish”!
Excuse me Senator Obama
this is America! My grand
parents had to learn
English, and they were
legal, why should

Schema Of Alienation And The Democrats

Schema Of Alienation And
The Democrats Dr. Jeffrey
Young created a form of
Cognitive Therapy that
utilizes a concept called
“Schema”. This is in my
opinion a sort of “VIRUS OF
THE SOUL”. Now you may
be asking what does this
have to do with the political
process we are facing
today! Dr. Young lists
about a dozen schemas but
the one that is relevant to
us today is the
“Alienation/Social Isolation”
Schema. Like a virus the
“schema” hijacks the
individual’s libido
and mind to perpetuate
itself. Similar to what some
other therapists termed
“Behavioral Trans-
generational Migration
Patterns”. My own
Democratic Party
“sometimes” becomes a
festering ground for this
Virus of the