Cut And Run Capitalists Killing Our Troops

Cut And Run Capitalists
Killing Our Troops Once
again in this era of
licentious permissiveness
where the BLEEDING
HEARTS of the Republican
Party whine about how
Corporate Wealthy are so
overburdened by
regulations that they have
driven our economy to the
ground! Now apparently
they have used OUR
SOLDIERS to ground their
profits by installing faulty
electric equipment in our
military bases in Iraq! One
of Halliburton’s
subsidiary fellow travelers,
a company called “KBR” has
now been blamed for the
death of Staff Sgt. Ryan
Maseth. He died from
electrocution due to faulty
electrical workmanship
while taking a shower! He
is not the first. <----- Electricution video What we are seeing my friends

To Big To Fail Then To Big To Go Unregulated

To Big To Fail Then To Big
To Be Unregulated I find it
disgusting that these
“Toyota Republicans” from
the south want to see the
American automakers go
bankrupt. Where is their
“patriotism”? You know the
very thing they accuse
liberals lacking! What we
are seeing in America is the
corporate elite have a
loyalty to their class over
the interests of America!
American blue collar AND
white collar workers had
better push for ECONOMIC
TRADE! Instead we live in
an era of licentious
permissiveness where the
corporate class can over
ride the security not only
of blue collar workers but
white collar workers as
well. This is not an issue of

Our Lady Of NAFTA Will Be Secretary Of State

Our Lady Of NAFTA Will Be
Secretary Of State I
don’t share the
enthusiasm of many that
President – Elect Barrack
Obama chose Hillary
Clinton to be his Secretary
of State. I say this
because she has betrayed
the working people of
America both white and
blue collar with both NAFTA
and the H1-b Visa program.
The latter is not well known
by most Americans. The
H1-b programs is
destroying those remaining
high tech jobs in America
that where not off shored.
See the video below! While
Bill Clinton was a major
force for NAFTA I could
forgive the Clintons for
NAFTA it is rather the
resultant philosophy of so –
called “Free Trade” that

Biden And That “S” Word: STANDING Up For America

Biden And That “S” Word:
STANDING Up For America
Oh the bleeding hearts in
the Republican Party want
us to weep for the poor
upper 5% who make out
like bandits while we the
Silent Majority –
America’s great
Middle Class work our butts
off every day to stay
afloat. Their sense of
“entitlement is beyond
imagination! No I
don’t deny the right
of some to become
millionaires! But the word
“socialism” does not send
fear down my spine.
Unemployment and lack of
heath care do! I want to
become an computer
programmer and do
become a self employed
consultant! I need
universal health care to do
this and for my pay scale

Universal Health Care vs. Saving AIG

Universal Health Care vs.
Saving AIG Gosh golly I
thought the costs of
Universal Health Insurance
would be impossible to pay
for according to the same
folks who gave us the Wild
Eyed Social Engineering
Experiment in Iraq! But
now that AIG is going belly
up Americans are expected
to foot the bill for a
company that American
workers. The
Guild”, which is embryonic
union for Computer
Professionals, has stated
that AIG has undermined
the salaries of American
computer workers by using
foreign H1-b workers and
even forcing their own AIG
American workers to train
their replacements! ß–H1-
b Why is it that Universal
Health Care costs were
said to be out of range

Rush Limbaugh Passes On

Rush Limbaugh Passes On
This week we have lost a
second newscaster.
Conservative Republican
talk show host Rush
Limbaugh died tragically
today! Even this Liberal
Democratic blogger has
been so shaken that I am
converting to Republican!
Poor feisty Rush Limbaugh
who failed at “Operation
Chaos” < see the second video below> which was to
make the Democratic
Caucus into a remake of
the 1968 Democratic
Convention, none the less
presented on his show his
final contribution to
America! Surprisingly it was
his downfall! On Monday
June 16, 2008 Rush
Limbaugh told his audience
that Corporate America
had found a solution to the
energy crisis! Silicon Valley
Geeks successfully breed a
new species

H1-b Hillary Clinton Whines About Sexism

H1-b Hillary Clinton Whines
About Sexism Hillary
Clinton is whining about
sexism ruining her election.
Hillary Clinton, Our Beloved
Lady Of NAFTA, who even
now supports the H1-b Visa
program that has
destroyed the dreams of
college graduates aspiring
to high paying computer
jobs claims she is running
for the “forgotten”! Give
me a break Hillary I used to
be one of your supporters
until I learned how you sold
out the dreams of my
fellow tech workers so you
could get money from
Silicon Valley lobbyists!
Hillary Clinton was sobbing
in New Hampshire and
instead of treating her like
Ed Muskie, you know a
man, she gets different
treatment because she is a