Oh Boy – Blagojevich

Oh Boy – Blagojevich Yes
from the state that gave
us Mayor Daly, now comes
“Governor Blagojevich”!
Damn I wish this was some
news from Byelorussia or
Ukraine! What I hope is
that President – Elect
Obama does not get
tarnished by this. President
– Elect Obama has said he
did not talk to Blagojevich
about his replacement. Yet
Blagojevich castigates
Obama, which is good for
Obama, yet it contradicts
Obama’s saying he
did not talk to Blagojevich!
I fear that in trying to
disassociate from
Blagojevich Obama may
have misstated his
contacts. It is PERFECTLY
permissible and indeed
proper for Obama to speak
to Blagojevich about his
replacement. After

Republicans Do NOT Support Our Troops In Iraq

Republicans Do NOT
Support Our Troops In Iraq
We hear the whine from
these wild eyed advocates
of the Neo-con SOCIAL
EXPERIMENT in Iraq that
the Democrats are against
our troops! These bleeding
hearts of appeasement to
Corporate America that
continues to trade with
Iranwhile that nation sends
supplies to kill our brave
troops do not even have
faith in our troops! The US
State Department uses
Backwater to protect
embassy staff rather than
fully using our Marines and
Army. (See Video Below)
When Democrats point out
that this is a civil war and
that much of the recent
reduction in violence was
the result of low level
diplomatic talks with Sunni
Militias to have them switch

Bush Intervention Destroys Operation Chaos

Bush Intervention Destroys
Operation Chaos George
Bush who is so incompetent
that he cannot win a war in
the same time that we won
a World War, now has
undermined Rush
“Operation Chaos”! By
opening his big mouth he
as forced Democrats to join
hands around Senator
Barrack Obama. Even
Hillary Clinton, who was a
fellow traveler with George
Bush on the Road To
Bagdad has been forced to
come to Obama’s
aid! Hillary Clinton has now
to distinguish between a
trait that one union leader
praised her for
humorously, “Testicular
Fortitude”, to downright
“Bunker Naivette”. See the
hilarious video below!
Perhaps Hillary Clinton will
accept Rush

Could The Democrats Get Sucked Into The Iraq War?

Could The Democrats Get
Sucked Into The Iraq War?
I believe it is possible that
both Barrack Obama and
Hillary Clinton could get
sucked into the Iraq War
based on their statements.
This blogger is a Lou Dobbs
Democrat. I am neither a
PC Liberal nor a Neo-Con
Conservative. This blog is
to demonstrate that
America has a “third
choice” not only in the Iraqi
War but in other domestic
and foreign policy issues as
well! I see a problem in
that the Democrats have
accepted implicitly some
assumptions of the
Republicans. The
Republicans argue that we
must remain in Iraq
because: · Leaving would
result in a blood bath · The
terrorists will win

Republican Social Engineering Experiment Moves Up To Four Thousand Dead and Counting

Republican Social
Engineering Experiment
Moves Up To 4000 Dead
While George Bush and his
fellow traveler John McCain
lecture us on the virtues of
the coming “One Hundred
Year War” our nation sadly
passed a grim milestone.
We have now lost over
4,000 dead. These are the
military regulars and
reservists who did not
emulate their Commander
in Chief by not attending
their required National
Guard Meetings but instead
took the call up to active
duty. Some even serving
four tours in Iraq. Mean
while lets look at the great
“fruits” of the Republican
would like to continue for
one hundred years! (See
the Video Below) Look who
is landing

Democrats Waffle On American Identity

Democrats Waffle On
American Identity I listened
tonight to the Democratic
Debate in Texas. The
debate was co-hosted by
CNN and a Spanish
language cable channel
“Univision”. What amazed
me is that neither
candidate put the
moderator from Univision in
his place! What place is
that you ask? Why the
AMERICA! The Univision
reporter asked both
candidates why America
should not become a bi-
lingual nation. Both Barrack
Obama and Hillary Clinton
seemed to want to
apologize for desiring to
keep English as the
“language that binds us
together” but not the
“Official Language”. They
then pitifully spoke about
how great it is to speak a
second language. If it was

Cut And Run Capitalist Mitt Romney

Cut And Run Mitt Romney I
am sure we are all touched
by the great patriotism of
Mitt Romney, first who
wants to send your sons
and daughters to fight in
Iraq while his sons stay
home to fight the wicked
forces of liberalism by
supporting their dad in his
political campaign. Well
that is till now when CUT
Romney dropped out of
the Presidential race
because he did not want to
loose countless millions
more of his own money!
The comedian in the film
clip below really is fantastic
in his treatment of Mitt
Romney God he made that
stupid speech to the
conservatives. You can
sense at how shallow even

Report Finds Homeland Security A Mess

Report Finds Homeland
Security A Mess Well it
appears that while George
Bush and his fellow
travelers continue to
involve our nation in their
“social engineering”
experiment in Iraq, our
national preparation level
has sunk to an all time low!
Well look at the bright side
at least our nation’s
ports are not being
managed by the United
Arab Emirates. Thank God
George Bush was not able
to advance the cause of
upper class “portfolio
security” ahead of “port
security”! Our Army
Reserve and National
Guard are being bled dry in
Iraq years after “Mission
Accomplished” while opium
production is reaching all
time high levels in
Afghanistan and that
nation falls further into Al
Qaeda control